Explore your heritage by touring
the land of Baal Shem Tov and 
of your ancestors

Welcome to your Jewish Heritage Tour

The beautiful land that is now independent Ukraine has been the place of one of the longest continuous presence of the Jewish people outside of Israel. The Jewish settlements in Crimea go back more than 2500 years and Kiev is first mentioned
in the letter from the Jewish community there in the early 10th century. 


Because of its long history and variety of political, social, religious, and ethnic influences, the Jewish history here is unique and can teach us about Jewish history unlike any other part of the world. The Center for Jewish Studies' Heritage Tour  is designed to take full advantage of the post-Soviet freedom, the improved traveling comforts, and the revived Jewish culture
to offer you a truly unforgettable experience.


Even better, now we can help you arrange your unforgettable custom
trip on terms and the price you will absolutely love. Travel now through
the heartland of Ukraine -- through the land Amalek but also
the land of Baal Shem Tov -- in comfort and security. 


Wish to have your very own custom tour? We now offer all-inclusive
custom tours starting Kiev -- with your full-time English-speaking
driver-guide -- for only $1,450 per person (min. 2).
Click here to see an example of such a tour.


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