Day 9, Friday, May 18

Nemirov is one of the oldest towns in what is now Ukraine and was established probably as a Jewish settlement at the time when Lithuanian princes ruled there at the end of the 14th century or before. By the 17th century, it became one of the centers of Jewish traditional and cabbalistic scholarship and a major hub of economic life in Medieval Poland. In 1648, during the Khmelnitsky-led mutiny of Orthodox Cossacks against their Catholic Polish overlords, the town was the site of their first large-scale massacre of Jews (more than half of Polish Jews were murdered during 1648-1654); it stands at the beginning of the modern Jewish history. 


Pechora is a breathtakingly beautiful area of Southern Bug

river rapid which during WWII was the "The Noose of Death"

concentration camp ran by Rumanian.  It was the only

death camp in Ukraine. 










Tulchin, a tiny town, which is also one of the most crucial places in Jewish. The Jewish history of this nothing to look at the place hides important lessons to us from centuries of Jewish history here.



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