After lunch, we head for Arkadia beach

From Moldavanka, descend into Odessa's catacombs. The underground tunnels which are the result of 200 years of mining for the limestone are more than 1,500 miles long. As you're guided through the mysterious labyrinths beneath the city, you'll discover the secrets of the city and learn about the role they played in providing shelter for the Soviet partisans fighting the Nazis during WWII.

Day 14, Wednesday, May 23

Visit Odessa's Jewish museums, stop by Privoz,
explore secrets of Odessa's fabled catacombs, and warm your bones on the famous Arkadia beach

After breakfast, we set out on the visit to Moldovanka and its bazaar, the rundown but previously rambunctious Odessa Jewish neighborhood which Babel brought to life in his Odessa stories. The neighborhood's heart was Privoz, a colorful market which fed Odessa during the Soviet period and now tries to compete with the new gleaming supermarkets. When there, we visit both the Jewish Museum of Odessa and Odessa's Museum of Holocaust. Although small (located in private apartments of the dilapidated buildings), they contain vital information on the rich history of the Jews in the city.

Visit Odessa's Fabled Underground Tunnels

After lunch and some rest, we drive to Odessa's famous Arkadia beach to kick some sand and relax. 

Arkadia beach is also a great place to spend an evening. Los Vegas has few things better to offer! Also, we have arrived just in time. If we came here a week ago, everything would still be closed for the season since last September.


After dinner at one of the Arkadia's fine restaurants (included), we travel to Odessa's train station, where we board the express train to Kiev and arrive there early the next morning.


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