Day 7, Wednesday, May 16

After breakfast, we explore what used to be a superpower: the Soviet Union. During the guided tour around the city, you will have a rare chance to see and touch the remnants of that superpower and understand its pluses and minuses as well as why and how this superpower, collapsed and disappeared. You will also see the places which caused Raphael Lemkin, a lawyer who is best known
for coining the word "genocide" in 1943, to describe Vinnitsa as the Stalin's Dachau. He drew this conclusion on the basis of Nazi-revealed murder by supposedly Soviet secret police of more than 9400 people during 1937-41. We'll see the places where the executions might have taken place and their burial grounds. All parties concerned try to spin this so-called "Vinnitsa's Massacre" in its favor, while uniformly blaming the Jews for supposedly doing it.

This nostalgic film by Fima, a Jewish emmigrant, was made in 1993, a few years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. We'll walk the same streets and in Vinnitsa and see the difference. 

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