Day 11/12, Shavuot, May 20/21

Celebrate Shavuot with kosher picnic in Sofievka Arboretum, daven, make new friends

Outside of Israel, Uman is probably the best place to celebrate Shavuot because of the magnificent Sofiavka Arboretum within a short work from R. Nachman's grave. It is perfect for enjoying direct communion with nature while listening to a talk on the nature of happiness according to R. Nachman of Bratslov.


Because we studied and argued over fine points of Torah during last night (this Tikkun Leil Shavuot is a tradition going back to the 16th century), some of us may not be ready for an early breakfast. That is why we'll have Shavuot brunch instead and we'll have it as a picnic in Sofiavka Arboretum, one of the world's most breathtaking parks built by Count Potoski for his second wife Sophia. R. Nachman loved to come here.​


Monday, after the sundown, we leave the beauty of Sofievka and travel to Odessa, the city which should be on every
Jewish bucket-list.

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