After breakfast, we set off to discover the Jewish Kiev, the city founded by Khazars and who lost its control to the previously subordinate Viking's Rus in the 10th century.


First, Lvivska square which is the area in upper Kiev which was known previously as the Jewish Gate and was one of four city subdivisions in the 11th century.


From there, to the Babi Yar's monument to the more than 35,000 Jews murdered in 1941 by German invaders and their Ukrainian collaborators; including more than 15,000 children. 


Next, visit Podil (whose name had not changed since the earliest times) in lower Kiev which had been the main area of Jewish life before WWII. There is Brodsky Synagogue (1898) and the adjacent neighborhood where Golda Meir and Sholom Aleichem once lived.


After lunch there, we will tour the old Kiev, the city of
golden doms, fortified gates, and ancient monasteries.


Among the sites is the Golden Gate which was smashed by
invading Mongols of the 13th century and restored in 1982
by Soviet Communists, the heirs of Russian and
pan-Slavic nationalisms. 


Next, the Mikhailovsky Cathedral with its gleaming golden
cupolas overlooking Dnipro River which was destroyed by
Soviets in the 1930s and restored by Ukraine in 1999. 


We continue to the Chernobyl Museum, which was the hallmark
and contributing factor to the demise of the Soviet Union.


From there, we take the Metro to Kiev's famous
Khreshchatyk, the street of neoclassical public buildings,
cafes, and lots of upscale shopping. It is a great pedestrian
thoroughfare with lots 
of street performers. It is perfect 

for an evening stroll and people-watching.


We have our Shabbat meal there. Afterwards, you can
stop at Brodsky Synagogue for services. On the way back

you can return to our hotel via Maidan Square, the place

where initially peaceful protest eventually turned violent
ith 104 protestors killed during the revolt against the
pro-Russian but elected President Yanukovych.


What’s included (must let us know in advance your
choice of either walking tour or tour by car):


  • Private guided walking tour and local knowledgeable
    English-speaking guide

  • Transportation by private vehicle, minivan, or minibus

  • All entrance fees to attractions on the tour

  • Lunch and kosher Shabbat dinner

What’s not included

  • Souvenirs or other things you purchase


  • Private guide for a more personalized experience

  • Free hotel pickup and drop-off 

  • Fully narrated English-speaking tour

  • Informative, friendly and professional local guides

  • All-encompassing tour of the city

  • Shabbat dinner with your fellow travelers

    Free time to explore night Kiev on your own
    or join the group for a guided evening walk

Day 2, Friday, May 11

A photo of a model of medieval Kiev
Ukraine's President Poroshenko (4th from left) and others bow their heads before a memorial in Babi Yar
Brodsky Synagogue in Kiev
Visit the area of the earliest Jewish settlement in Kiev, Babi Yar,
Golden Gate, Chernobyl Museum, Khreschchatyk, Maidan
The so-called "Kievan letter" from the city's Jewish community of early 10th century with the first known known mention of Kiev
St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery
Podil, the area populated largely by Jews
before the Holocaust

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